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Staying In Shape On And Off The Field

No matter what sport you participate in every athlete has an off season and that means every athlete has the same problem – staying in shape off the field. Staying in shape during the on-season is easy. With regular games, practices, and conditioning it’d be hard NOT to stay in shape but it’s another thing entirely to stay in shape when you’re not doing all of those things. So how do you stay in shape during the off season? Whether you’re a runner, a tennis player, an ice hockey player, a football, or rugby player you need a plan to stay active in the off season.


Of course depending what kind of athlete you are or what kind of sport you play your plan to stay active in the off season will vary. But there are some key components that apply to nearly every kind of training. The off season can actually be a chance to improve your skills. You’ll be able to train in new ways that you aren’t always able to. So during the off season remember to rest. You might think it’s not an important part of staying fit but rest is crucial and the off season is a great time to get great rest. If you want to improve your game you’ll need to reflect and think about all the ways you can improve. Be honest with yourself and focus on your strengths and weaknesses. This way you can identify what needs to be improved and then you can work on it.


A great way to stay in shape without working yourself too hard is to find a fun way to stay active. Gaining an outdoor hobby during the off season is a fun way to stay healthy without working yourself too hard. It’s best to find an outdoor hobby that suits your local environment. For example if you don’t live near a lake and can’t drive out to one buying a bunch of fishing equipment won’t do you any good! Try and find something that’s easily accessible that way you can enjoy it often or even daily. Bass Pro Shops offers incredible deals on outdoor gear for a variety of super fun hobbies.


Off season is also a great time to get awesome deals on the things you need during the “on” season. Places like Foot Locker are perfect for snagging low prices on athletic shoes during the off season when deals are abound. Another way to take advantage of the off season prices is by shopping at DICK’S Sporting Goods where you can stock up on everything you need for your sport.


Now that you’ve found a fun, easy way to stay active during the off season, you’ve taken advantage of low prices on must-have athletic gear, and you’ve identified the ways you can improve your game, you’re ready to put your plan into motion. After you’ve rested a little it’s time to get back into a routine that’s focused on how you want to improve your game. If you want to increase your endurance try reducing the amount of rest between your sets each day or mixing up your routine often. This will help increase your endurance tremendously. Maybe you need to focus on a certain muscle group, finding workouts specific to the muscle group you’re trying to improve is easy on the internet! Remember if you’re going to improve your game you need to have a plan.

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